About Jason

Jason Rohrer has twenty years’ experience mentoring students.

Twenty years is longer than the careers of many teachers at your child’s school.

The reasons Jason has enjoyed such long-lasting success are simple: he likes what he’s doing; he’s good at it; and when you hire Jason the Tutor, you don’t get someone Jason hired to manage overflow. You get Jason.

Jason is a specialist. He has cultivated the study and explanation of English: grammar, syntax, usage, sentence and paragraph construction, essay and research paper structure and formatting, reading comprehension, standardized test strategies and more.

He spent years training tutors and writing textbooks for test prep companies that still use his work today.

At half the hourly rate of some large, impersonal tutoring companies, Jason’s services are reasonable and effective.

Following an initial diagnostic session, Jason will candidly inform you and your child about what problems are indicated, which methods he thinks are indicated, and the results you can realistically expect.

What Jason Does

Jason comes to your Los Angeles-area home to help your student think strategically and work efficiently.

He has already read and taught pretty much every book your student will have to read for any English class. Those he hasn’t read yet, he will, as your student’s need arises.

He has taught – and probably taken – every standardized test you can name.

He can define just about any vocabulary your student asks him.

He can instill a love of critical thinking, even in a child whose intellectual default setting is apathy.

What Jason Doesn’t Do

Jason does not tutor math, but he can personally recommend several excellent tutors who do.

Jason never shares your personal information with anyone. Even the parents’ and students’ names on the testimonial page are made up (though the testimonials are real).