A Message to High School Students


You go to school in America, a country whose education system ranks among the worst of the industrialized nations.

At even the least rigorous American colleges, freshmen have to write at minimum one paper each semester for virtually every class.

And American universities routinely complain that incoming freshmen are simply unprepared for college-level work.

As a result, students must spend their time and their parents’ money in mandatory, overcrowded, remedial composition courses, or risk expulsion.

You can let this problem take care of itself later (when you are far from home and your poor writing habits are even further embedded) at a cost of thousands of dollars per credit, or prevent it now, at home, at a fraction of what a college would charge, with a single instructor and a single student instead of 100 to 1 in a lecture hall.

Do your papers come back marked with more red than black ink?

Do your papers’ grades improve over the course of a quarter, or are they flatlined?

Do you shudder in hopelessness at the mention of writing assignments?

Call Jason.