Standardized Tests

Bad News
Increasing their share of your child’s instruction time every year, standardized tests distract from the real mission of school.

Jason believes that tests should be designed to reflect the material taught, not the other way around.

All serious educators agree.

Be that as it may, standardized tests are a fact, and federal follies like No Child Left Behind have institutionalized them to the extent that our children are judged by their ability to score well on this material.

Good News

Jason has spent years professionally analyzing AP exams and prep school & college entrance exams. His knowledge of test theory earned him research and development work at a major American test prep company – non-disclosure clauses prevent mention of which.

While tutoring over a thousand students, and training hundreds of tutors, Jason developed strategies and wrote practice tests and textbooks on the SAT, Subject Tests, and ACT. To better understand the test taking experience, he took the SAT alone over 50 times.

The four major factors for most students when taking standardized tests are:

Strategic Thought – can you identify types of question and apply appropriate strategies?

Time Management – does your pace detract from your score?

Familiarity with Material – how often have you dealt with this type of question?

Confidence – are you intimidated or self-assured?

Jason will guide your student through the theory and practice specific to the particular test for which she is preparing. A good tutor knows the similarities and differences among:

• AP English Language
• AP English Literature
• SAT (and PSAT) Writing and Reading sections
• ACT Essay, English, Reading and Science sections (the Science is just another reading section!)
• SAT Subject Test in Literature
• GRE Verbal and Analytical Writing sections
• GMAT Analytical Writing, Data Sufficiency and Verbal sections
• LSAT Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning and Writing Sample
• MCAT Verbal Reasoning and Writing Sample sections
• ISEE Verbal Reasoning and Reading Comprehension sections
• SSAT Writing Sample, Verbal and Reading Comprehension sections

Because the SAT, GRE, Subject Tests and APs are all administered by Educational Testing Service, they have certain limited commonalities among them. However, it is a good idea to prepare for each specific exam one at a time.

Similarly, while the ACT and GMAT are both written by ACT Inc, profound differences exist between the two.

As available study aids run from excellent to dangerously misleading, Jason makes recommendations suggested by his research.