A Message to College Students


Jason understands that university-level work is different from what you had to do in high school. In some ways it’s easier – for one thing, your parents aren’t telling you to do your homework.

In most ways it’s not easier – as in, nobody’s telling you to do your homework. So sometimes it doesn’t get done.


What’s easiest about college is falling behind without noticing, especially freshman year.

Maybe you never learned how to study. Many students don’t, even those who got good grades in high school. There are a few methods that work and a lot that do not. And you need to know the difference.

Whether you just don’t get the reading in European History, or you’re having trouble coming up with a thesis for your American Government term paper, or your dissertation simply doesn’t look the way a dissertation’s supposed to look, Jason can help. He’s seen your problem, and he’s helped someone through it before.