From Parents

“Jason brought [my 8th grader’s] English grade from a D to a B in two months. Now she gets all A’s. Her teacher had tried to have her expelled, and now she’s an honor student. I think it was his teaching that made her better in subjects he didn’t even talk about directly.” — Marina, Studio City

“[My 11th grade daughter] had never finished a book outside of school until Jason got her to read A Long Time Gone, a subject I never thought she’d have any interest in [boy soldiers in Africa].” — Patty, Beverly Hills

“My son achieved a perfect score on his subject test in Literature, and increased his SAT score by over 200 points, in ten weeks with Jason.” — Jody, Northridge

“The college counselor said [my son’s] admissions essay was generic and trite. This hurt my feelings and [my son’s] confidence. Jason gave him the freedom to write what he wanted, to find out what was important to him. His acceptance package to BU included a note about the originality of his ‘Personal Experience’ essay.” — Peter, Brentwood

“My son’s $25,000-a-year high school wasn’t making him write essays. I wanted him to go into his senior year with more practice and experience as a writer. Jason worked with me and [my son] to create a summer course that required several hours of unsupervised reading and writing a week, with Jason checking in on weekends. I frankly doubted my son would go along with it. But he did, and now his compositions are singled out for praise in both English and History.” — Steve, Bel-Air