From Students

“I feel confident writing any kind of paper now. That’s saying a lot, compared to where I was last year – when I just wanted to die every time I got an assignment. Confidence is everything to me. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to meet Jason!” – Vickie, Brentwood (12th grade)

“I don’t read if it’s not for school, and I hate writing like I hate spiders. Jason made it okay for me to hate it and still do it.” – Rachel, Brentwood (UCLA)

“Coach said I needed to raise my grades or I couldn’t play basketball any more. My tutor said she couldn’t help me because I wasn’t trying. When I got my new tutor [Jason] it was as if I wasn’t the only one who wanted me to survive high school. I felt not alone anymore.” – Aaron, Calabasas (11th grade)

“My school uses the French system for examinations: all essay questions, never multiple choice. We look down on multiple choice questions as a weakness of the American system. However, when it came time to study for the SAT and ACT, not to mention the Subject Tests required by Harvard and Stanford, I saw that my unfamiliarity with standardized tests was a huge drawback. Having someone who could negotiate both systems helped me tremendously.” – Naomi, Santa Monica (11th grade)

“Jason is my favorite tutor because he never yells at me. My teacher yells at me, and my mom sometimes, but Jason doesn’t.” – Clarissa, Venice (6th grade)